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Gepco GA61812PEF

Gepco GA61812PEF
Multi-pair, Direct Burial
Direct burial multi-pair cable for permanent underground installation. As with the standard GA618 series, the direct burial version features low loss, low noise, and color coded pair jackets. Unique to the PEF direct burial versions is a rugged polyethylene jacket and water blocking tape that is wrapped around the cable core. This construction is difficult to puncture and protects the core from moisture should the cable be accidentally damaged.

Features And Benefits

  • Low Attenuation and Crosstalk
  • Polytehylene Dielectric
  • Individially Shielded and Jacketed Pairs
  • Color Coded and Alphanumeric pair Identification
  • Additional Overal Foil Shield
  • Polyethylene Jacket
  • Water Blocking Tape


  • Microphone or Line Level Balanced Analog Audio
  • Direct Burial Permanent Installation
Weight 0.22 lbs
Our price: $2.75    per foot
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